Nowadays culture and nature cannot be treated and studied as separate domains. Both have a considerable impact on each other. ANHER was a transnational project focusing on the very present issues of integrated natural and cultural heritage. The project dealt with the crucial aspect of the environmental impact of archaeological heritage as well as the significance of natural heritage for regulations and practices in the domain of archaeological heritage. 

Thanks to ANHER project there were created integrated didactic materials which may be systematically used in the learning programmes of both archaeological and natural heritage professionals. Taking into account dynamic changes over the past couple of years in both fields, a need of developing and upgrading vocational skills in the sector of protection and management of archaeological and natural heritage is a must.

In order to make the delivery of this new content sustainable, the project established E-Archaeology Heritage Educational Portal. The Portal provides an organizational structure to educational activities in the domain of integrated heritage. 

The project was explicitly based on outcomes of two Leonardo da Vinci projects (PL/07/LLP-LdV/TOI/140017; 2010-1-PL1-LEO05-11465) and it aimed to transfer both methodology of course production and training, as well as use of didactic materials stored in the E-Archaeology Content Repository which is a tool used for storing the existing e-learning courses as well as for building new courses from smaller learning components.