The results of the NEARCH project are multidimensional. Because the aims of the projects are very broad, project results touch upon various aspects of functioning of archaeology among the public and in the scientific world. Therefore, the project’s expected direct and indirect outcomes are:

  • the promotion of archaeology as a community-oriented and socially committed human science, rather than a restricted academic domain;
  • a greater proximity, comprehension and involvement of the different target groups to the major challenges faced by archaeology in the context of the present economic crisis;
  • a state of the art pointing out the creative interactions between science and archaeological practices on one hand and the artistic imaginary on the other, in view of creating tangible productions that would capture and highlight this interplay;
  • a deeper knowledge, analysis and promotion of archaeology as an economically sustainable field of work, to be considered within the general framework of cultural industries;
  • a wider comprehension of the role held by European archaeology in relation to non-European countries, in terms of scientific cooperation and as promoter of intercultural dialogue with the local communities neighboring the excavations;
  • a better insight and command of the latest available tools that can potentially be used to pass on knowledge about archaeology;
  • the production of innovative and attractive communication and dissemination tools so as to better promote archaeology towards the general public and the various target groups.

One of the main results of the project is a pan-European survey concentrated on the issues connected to perception of archaeology and heritage among society. The survey conducted by Harris Interactive company was designed by the project partners to meet the expectations and needs of various European nationalities. The report of the study is available here.

The main results of the European report were published in the article „Archaeology, heritage, and social value: public perspectives on European archaeology” in the European Journal of Archaeology 2017: 20(3) as well as in the brochure „Europeans and Archaeology” which was translated into Polish language as „Europejczycy i Archeologia”.

Project focuses also on gathering the archaeological community to discuss the most urgent issues connected to archaeology: such as preservation, development-led archaeology, global crisis, and public outreach. Therefore within the project were organized various international and national conferences, such as:
1) Nearching Factory in Santiago de Compostela;

2) Dziedzictwo we współczesnym świecie in Poznań.

Other results of the project concentrate on the artistic perception of archaeology, therefore during the project were organized artistic exhibitions, such as:
1) Materiality of the invisible: Archaeology of the senses;

2) Archaeology & Me.